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Lovely Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2019


These huge B2B companies don’t really engage into occasion-themed activities to boost their physical or online presence. It’s more of a small business thing.

A smaller scale industry needs to capitalize more on events that can capture the attention of a great number of people. It’s a way to show your target market how approachable and friendly your business is, especially to those who really haven’t spent time getting to know your products or services. A public event is a perfect avenue to build prospect rapport.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, businesses are juicing up their brains to come up with a complementary gig to suit the occasion. What should your business do on February 14?


1) Use Social Media to Promote Specials

Every customer likes a good deal and today’s consumers are more tech savvy than ever. Announce sales on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media accounts your business has.  

2) Offer discounts to your fans or to consumers who will post a holiday-themed hashtag that will benefit you.This makes it a win for all.  Don’t forget to offer deals through text messages too.

3) Write Blogs and Newsletters with a Holiday Theme. Focus your blogs and newsletter on Valentine’s Day trends. Hone in on do-it-yourself ideas – they’re trending due to the economy. Make sure your blog specifically references Valentine’s Day.  Include calls to action, words that inspire confidence in blog readers and other promotional information. Customers will like to learn about ways to celebrate, holiday-themed stories, and ideas.  To best resonate with customers, write content that’s useful, entertaining, light, and informative.

4) Have a Contest

Social media is a great place to hold a Valentines contest.  Think of creative ideas that require consumers to get involved – they could take photographs with a product they purchased from you and post them on your page in exchange for a coupon or their name in a drawing for a prize.  Make sure to have all rules in place prior to starting the contest.


Holidays are always a time when Americans are in the mood to shop.  Utilize social media and other small business marketing tips to maximize your sales this Valentine’s Day and all other holidays to come!








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